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Even the most successful, the best leadership, the strongest teams need help on occasion and executive coaching can provide that intervention with high impact results.


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“Executive coaching helps senior leadership face their challenges head on and unlock their full potential, which I find they’ve often lost touch with along the journey to the top!”

Christopher has over a decade of working in ever increasing roles of managerial responsibility across the globe with some of the world’s largest organisations specialising in all things change related. He operates at the cutting edge of his art, in his executive coaching he assists leaders with developing the change agile, evolutionary mindset required to take on tomorrow’s challenges. Successfully undertaking internationally recognised leadership training programmes, mentoring and coaching – he is qualified to deal with the full spectrum of personal development objectives, from striving to fulfil ones upmost potential to addressing common mental health concerns such as stress and anxiety.

Experience of hiring, firing, managing several rounds of redundancy, (even) managing his own redundancy, managing through significant change regimes including acquisition, dealing with relocation & cultural shift, amongst crisis management and many other incredibly insightful professional experiences. This makes building rapport with corporate clients less of an obstacle for Christopher.

Flexible coaching – remote sessions via video conferencing means we can connect at a time that works for us both, from anywhere in the world.

Christopher spoke with MPs at the House of Commons in 2017 on the ‘future of work.’ This topic is something leaders find great value in sharing their thoughts around in their executive coaching. Fleshing out strategies with Christopher as a sounding board for initiatives such as: maximising millennial engagement, flexible working patterns and effective technological change management.

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In a 2016 global survey by the ICF and PWC it was established that a large majority of individuals or organisations using executive coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed . The Harvard Business Review has gone one step further and identified that in order to front up against today’s ever mounting psychological and physiological challenges in the work place, “organisations should require that coaches have some training in mental health issues.”

(see ‘The Founder’ section for full list of qualifications and accreditations)

Global reach – we provide executive coaching to a wide range of geographies. Kazakstan (Astana), Russia (Moscow), Dubai & China (Hong King, Shanghai, Beijing) are some of the areas we have expanded into recently and we are keen to keep growing our client base in this Central Asia region especially.

мы предоставляем коучинг руководителям в известных компаниях в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии, включая Россию, Казахстан и Китай


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Everyone with a problem, also has the solution


The vast majority of C-suite/executives are unlikely to ask for help and may even be unaware that they have certain problems but one in four people suffering from poor mental health say work is the primary cause. As high risk individuals, it has been found that between 25% and 50% of those seeking coaching have clinically significant levels of anxiety, stress and/or depression. The links between work and mental wellbeing should be proactively addressed.

Our Executive Coaching seeks to stem the flow of decline in one’s state of mind before the cracks of a more severe condition set in. It may not prevent all instances but a proactive approach has been shown to be far more effective than a reactive one at a later stage.

The commercial benefits from coaching alone are also profound. After all, we don’t expect to run a marathon without any specialist training so why do we expect to nail our career without any executive coaching!?

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