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Even the most successful people, the best leadership, the strongest teams need help on occasion, and executive coaching can provide that help with high impact results.


Why Work with us?

Christopher has over a decade of working in ever increasing roles of managerial responsibility across the globe with some of the world’s largest organisations. Successfully undertaking internationally recognised leadership training programmes, mentoring and coaching. He is qualified to deal with the full spectrum of personal development, from striving to fulfil ones upmost potential to addressing regular mental health issues such as stress, anxiety.

Experience of hiring, firing, managing several rounds of redundancy, (even) managing his own redundancy, managing through significant change regimes including acquisition, dealing with relocation & cultural shift, amongst crisis management and many other incredibly insightful professional experiences. This makes building rapport with corporate clients less of an obstacle for Christopher.

Christopher has CIPD Level 7 Advanced Award in Resourcing and Talent Management providing an appreciation for human resource management and employee engagement strategy.

In a 2016 global survey by the ICF and PWC it was established that a large majority of individuals or organisations using executive coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed . The Harvard Business Review has gone one step further and identified that in order to front up against today’s ever mounting psychological and physiological challenges in the work place, “organisations should require that coaches have some training in mental health issues.”

(see ‘The Founder’ section for full list of qualifications and accreditations)

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The vast majority of executives are unlikely to ask for help and may even be unaware that they have certain problems but one in four people suffering from poor mental health say work is the primary cause. As high risk individuals, it has been found that between 25% and 50% of those seeking coaching have clinically significant levels of anxiety, stress and/or depression. The links between work and mental wellbeing should be proactively addressed. At Harvey Sinclair we believe our two prong approach (resilience & executive coaching) putting the individual first and the professional second, secures the optimal result for all involved.

Benefits of our Executive Coaching for individuals:

  • Professional transformation, building on the initial life coaching to achieve improved performance in your job role.
  • A confidential, trusting relationship that nurtures personal insight through constructive discussion,  enabling personal development toward an all round stronger individual and more effective employee.
  • Superior perception about leaders, teams, stakeholders and customers; their true potential and what inspires them into action.
  • Clarity about your strengths, a confidence to take action, and a knowing about your purpose and how your choices today create your future.
  • A deeper sense of your full potential, and an ease in attracting ongoing success to your work life, personal life, fitness, health and finances.

Benefits of our Executive Coaching for organisations:

  • Employees receiving coaching feel valued and richly rewarded; their direct reports also benefit as such. 
  • Improve the existing culture of the organisation.
  • Performance on the job improves as both individuals and groups work more cohesively together to a shared goal.
  • Improve the interpersonal skills of the leader and their ability to leverage his or her time and resources.
  • Addressing and overcoming challenging situations or individuals who are causing upset or underperforming and fostering new ideas for change.

All coaching is 100% confidential and bound by the ICF code of ethics & standards.

Coaching Quote

Everyone with a problem, also has the solution

How we work

We have experience working with organisations from across the entire corporate spectrum. Our approach to executive coaching can be of value to everyone because whilst we can often understand and relate to the subject matter, what we are really concerned with is making a change within your organisation for the better. This benefit is then felt by you and all those around you at work.

Senior Executive Coaching

We work 1-2-1 with members of the senior leadership team in a bespoke coaching partnership that empowers individuals to overcome any organisational or personal challenge that may be impacting on progress in some way. By creating a safe, open and collaborative professional relationship we are able to utilise our experience from commercial leadership to maximum effect, with the various coaching and therapeutic tools and techniques at our disposal.

Situational (Crisis Management) Coaching

We work 1-2-1 with leaders and team members to overcome challenging situations such as cultural shift, conflict, acquisition, merger and relocation. Ever wonder why a merger or acquisition rarely pays off as investors anticipated? Struggling to keep an even keel during a crisis?

We work 1-2-1 with problematic individuals to achieve the desired outcome that the organisation seeks to achieve. By building trust and getting to the heart of a situation, often an individual can turnaround their performance within weeks to the benefit of all.

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