Future of Work

No where will change be more apparent than in the future of work.

Understanding what will change in the workplace from this moment forward is the key to engaging innovation and organisational success. In today’s business, organizations that fail to change… will fail. Christopher is an experienced future of work expert and he offers guest speaking for a variety of corporate and public events from 5 to 5000 people on the subject of resilience to change. We have found that bringing the subject of change to life through effective presentation can be as empowering as the more intimate 1-2-1 coaching if done correctly.

As a speaker on the topic of the future of work, Christopher addresses the process of understanding and adapting to change, helping your organisation create and capitalize on new profit opportunities long before the competition. What better way to learn about change than from a thought leader and inspirational keynote speaker who has lived and lead change initiatives themselves.

mis•o•ne•ism (mĭs’әnē’ĭz’әm) n. Hatred or fear of change or innovation.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

– Charles Darwin

Change is an inevitable part of life affecting both companies and individuals in personal and professional capacities.For organisations undergoing growth, restructuring or downsizing, the experience and expertise of change management specialists and business consultants can be called upon to help and turnaround situations.

Christopher has been a future of work speaker at the House of Commons about the future of work and the impacts it is likely to have on the mental wellbeing of our talent pipeline.

Also see Christopher’s articles for GQ Magazine on the subject of the future of work.

The nation’s voice on the ‘Future of Work.’ 

future of work

Christopher has also spoken on the following subject matter topics, though we will consider any reasonable/relevant bespoke request:

  • The importance of a proactive approach to wellbeing in the workplace.
  • The future of work in the UK and further afield.
  • Change management – The changing world we live in.
  • Millennials and the future of the ‘knowledge economy.’
  • The impact of tech & social media on our relationships and presence.
  • The importance of failure.
  • Preparing emerging talent for the challenges of the workplace.


Christopher has spoken on the subject of the future of work for many bluechips organisations, associations and consultancies across the city and further afield. His primary focus is CHANGE and the impact that change has upon people.

Christopher’s talks are engaging, informative but most significantly leave the audience with take away actions to implement within their everyday working lives to make noticeable improvements to their state of mind and ultimately their performance.