Guest Speaking

Christopher offers guest speaking for a variety of corporate and public events from 5 to 5000 people on the subject of resilience. We have found that bringing the subject of resilience to life through effective presentation can be as empowering as the more intimate 1-2-1 coaching if done correctly.

If you have a corporate event or personal occasion coming up and you’d like to have some thought-provoking material presented, then we encourage you to check out our YouTube channel and blog as a snapshot of the topics we very much enjoy speaking about. Also see Christopher’s mental health articles for GQ Magazine.

The nation’s voice on the subject of RESILIENCE. 

There are a whole range of topics hanging off this term, targeted primarily at building resilience within the work place and the benefits thereof for business results and employee wellbeing. Christopher offers a full 360 degree appraisal of the subject of resilience, emphasising the proven benefits whilst also covering the potential pitfalls of being too resilient, how to ensure you remain in homeostasis and why resilience isn’t the silver bullet solution.


Christopher has also spoken on the following subject matter topics, though we will consider any reasonable/relevant bespoke request:

  • The importance of a proactive approach to mental wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Why coaching is the key to managing in a crisis.
  • Millennials and the future of the ‘knowledge economy.’
  • The impact of tech & social media on our relationships and presence.
  • The importance of failure.
  • Protecting your most valuable asset.