Resilience Coaching

Resilience Coaching is the foundation of future proofing your key talent

We address mental wellbeing as behind every employee is an individual with a life

Natalie Fox

There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.

Our Approach

We take a psychological approach. Coaching talent for optimal mental health & peak performance. A more resilient workforce is a more loyal & productive workforce. This is a proactive, mutually beneficial approach to mental health for employee & employer, turning potential pitfalls and burnout into opportunities whereby truly maximising potential.

A standard corporate collaboration with Harvey Sinclair includes an initial wellbeing audit in which the problematic areas (and any opportunities) are highlighted. Follow by targetted weekly or biweekly scheduled sessions with one of our coaches, as well as availability to our support and counsel via telephone and email throughout this time. The aim here is to create resilience and prevent burnout, not wait until cracks appear.

In boosting resilience the employee is better prepared to take on challenges, improving output and creativity, reducing sick leave and improving the team working culture. The business gains from increased productivity and reliability whilst the employee feels supported and enjoys their new found stability, everybody is a winner.

By making ourselves readily available, we can ensure comprehensive, long-term and ingrained change. We understand that in between sessions can be a lonely place; to have the knowledge that our door is always open can be the difference between making a significant internal shift and staying stuck in your current predicament. There is no “clocking in and out.” A collaboration with Harvey Sinclair is a commitment from us both to evoke change and achieve results.

Corporate Options



  • PROGRAMME – A commitment to building and maintaining resilience


  • PROJECT – Supporting individuals through a particularly strenuous period


  • AD HOC – Responding to a crisis or urgent matter impacting talent

Put Your Mind First

Improve the mind & the results often take care of themselves.

Whether it be for assistance in managing a period of change within an organisation or a difficult relationship, conflict resolution, overcoming internal conflict or merely focusing on getting the absolute best out of you and your team, mind focused coaching can be of profound benefit to anyone at any time. Christopher wishes it had been flagged to him as an option a decade ago whilst battling his own demons and seeking clarity in gaining control over his professional and personal life, instead of being punted from psychiatrist to therapist to specialist to medication and everything in between.

We like to think of resilience coaching as a retreat. We create a safe space in which anything and everything can be discussed. You put it ALL out on the table and we use our various coaching techniques, experience and most importantly intuition to guide you safely through the minefield. We take a brief from the client to create a clear and concise map of where you are and where we aim to get you to. You can then gradually make sense of all the “noise” and really focus on what is important.

All coaching is 100% confidential and bound by the ICF code of ethics & standards.

Coaching Quote

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

Workplace Therapy

We do not believe (professional opinion) that many people are fundamentally broken. Nobody is born with a mental illness. At worst you are born with a vulnerability to some mental illnesses such as bipolar which can run in families but as a rule, it is not genetically predisposed that you will definitely become mentally ill.

Many people struggle through life believing that they are in fact mentally ill, labelling themselves as such whilst insisting they have been born with a predisposition to be unhappy, often citing relatives as a genetic rationale. During explorations into various sources of help in the mental health arena it gradually becomes clear that no medication will work for them, no therapy can “show them the light” and nobody is ever going to be able to diagnose what is actually going on in their head. Why? Because every day they are unconsciously and sometimes even consciously waking up and making the decision to be miserable that day.

Once Christopher realised this was how his and indeed the majority of our brains function, he knew that the only respite he would ever find would have to come from within. Eventually it just came out the blue like a slap to the face.

This same respite is what we at Harvey Sinclair aim to share with you via our therapeutic coaching methods. Master your mind and you can master your performance.

Richard Bandler (father of NLP) stated that too often “people are defined by labels that diagnose a condition when actually we are all a summation of our behaviours.” If you can change your behavioural interactions then you change your outlook.

Coaching is also not mentoring. Mentoring shows someone how to do something: make the perfect PowerPoint presentation or how to woo a date…we are not the masters on either of those fronts!

Personal Development

What we can do

Much like guiding a horse to water, we take as long as is necessary for you to find that water. Only once you feel ready, will you drink and feel a weight has been lifted, when you realise that the solution to your problems in life lies within you. At this point you will have established a degree of resilience and the benefits will begin to materialise.

We do not for a second expect this revelation to come from one of our sessions (though you will make distinct breakthroughs); it will most likely come when you subconsciously reflect on our discussions and you join all the dots in your head. When it comes, you will have made this leap yourself and because of that, the strength is so empowering that the change it instils will be long-term, ingrained and sustained change that not even the worst of your demons or life events can uproot. This is what makes Harvey Sinclair coaching so powerful and transformational. No diagnosis, no cures, no instructions, no blame…just simple goal setting and action planning that takes you on a journey to a better place, for good. Yes some of this sounds cliche, we am not sorry for that, we say it how it is.

In a recent ICF (International Coaching Federation) survey it was established that 99% of individuals and organisations receiving accredited coaching reported that they would enlist the services of a coach again.

There should be nothing that you are not prepared to do in order to get the results that you are after.

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