Improved resilience has shown in our corporate results

Balancing career aspirations with a hectic home life can seem overwhelming at times. Subsequent to coaching with Harvey Sinclair, I was able to use the clarity of mind, tools and techniques provided to take my career to the next level, buy a flat with my girlfriend and create a future outlook that looks incredibly appealing! Christopher is recognised within the tech sector as a world class executive coach and I was proud to tell friends and colleagues I was working with him.
Mark James, Google, London

every city employer needs Harvey Sinclair

Our collaboration working in partnership with Harvey Sinclair has been truly remarkable. You really cannot put a price on such profound personal growth, whilst the impact on corporate results continues to make shockwaves throughout the organisation. Christopher is changing the way the city approaches transformation management!
Thomas Silvester, Manager - Americas Advisory, EY (Ernst & Young), New York City

fantastic results and driving change

Christopher has a great work ethic and an ability to immerse himself and understand a team dynamic or situation seamlessly. Bringing about fantastic results and driving change for the better for the organisation.
Chris Andreou, Head of Strategy, National Grid, London

He put our minds at ease

Christopher fully appreciates the criticality of confidentiality within the performing arts world and his broad experience of working with high profile clients stood out to our crew immediately. He put our minds at ease and we were able to explore clearly all areas of our personal and professional lives and put solid goals in place for achieving desired change.
Jules Knight, Actor and Singer, (The Royals & Holby City), London

I felt like I could open up immediately

Working with Harvey Sinclair helped me deal with the pressures and demands social media can present to your life. I felt like I could open up to my coach immediately and we built such a trusting relationship, I was able to discuss and resolve things I hadn’t spoken about before.
Chelsea Marr, Instagram, London

Our collaboration strengthened the company's focus

Christopher’s transformational change methods will forever have a positive impact on our organisation's approach to leadership. We found new perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and Christopher's communication style was balanced with candor and professionalism. Our engagement with Harvey Sinclair began at a time when we found ourselves in a newly expanded market, managing several disciplines that were previously unfamiliar to us. Our collaboration strengthened our focus and commitment to driving growth through people whilst providing an environment to encourage risk taking and accountability. Thank you Christopher!
Faisal Al-Sayed, CEO, Private Equity Division at Asyad Holding Group, Saudi Arabia

We are always smiling

As the CEO for a property development organisation, I am taking responsibility for large multi-million pound investments every month, flying all over the globe, whilst also running various small businesses in Brighton. The collaboration with Harvey Sinclair allowed my team and I the time to think clearly about what was important to us and ultimately what we wanted out of life. With this structure in place, we are always smiling knowing every action we take is one of value added.
James Taylor, CEO - Private Property Development, Brighton

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