Transformation Management

I assist global company leadership in leading their organisation through a transformation in direction, processes or other critical elements of operation.

Natalie Fox

There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.

Our Approach

Christopher’s speciality is delivering elegant yet pragmatically designed, sustainable change.

He aims to ensure clients, (including FTSE 100 organisations), get faster, less expensive, longer lasting business transformation, delivered innovatively and with minimal disruption.

“Personally, I think this is the least leadership should expect from specialist change orchestrators, they have enough to worry about!”

Corporate Options



  • PROGRAMME – A commitment to driving and maintaining change


  • PROJECT – Supporting through a particular change initiative


  • AD HOC – Responding to a crisis or urgent matter impacting talent

The Process

Any successful large scale transformation programme goes through a 3 stage cycle:



‘Design’ services are focused on turning an organisation’s outline transformation vision and ambition into clearly articulated and executable designs and blueprints. The aim is to create succinct and measurable definitions for success and put in place the organisational roadmaps, which drive decision-making and help galvanise teams around a successful idea.


‘Delivering’ services helps to ensure you achieve real results on the ground. Execution is where many programmes typically succeed or fail and bringing a pragmatic blend of rigorous delivery expertise, coupled with proven approaches helps to achieve complex change often against demanding timescales.


‘Sustainability’ focuses on building lasting change capability within an organisation. The key to success is how well your organisation manages its projects, programmes and portfolio management. Providing a range of project management services, maturity assessments and benchmarking in addition to other organisational capability improvement services (e.g. Sales, Marketing and Agile IT Development) is the pathway to sustainable change.


All coaching is 100% confidential and bound by the ICF code of ethics & standards.

Coaching Quote

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

Organisational Change & Re-Design


Formal elements like structure and information flow are attractive to companies because they’re tangible. They can be easily defined and measured but they’re only half the story. Typically, organisations ignore the more informal, intangible building blocks. Norms, commitments, mind-sets, and networks that are essential in getting things done. They represent (and influence) the ways people think, feel, communicate, and behave. When these intangibles are not in sync with each other or the more tangible building blocks, the organisation doesn’t work as it should.

Overhauling your organisation is one of the hardest things for a chief executive or division leader to do but there are always strengths to build on in existing practices and in the culture. As an OD and leadership expert, the key is to build on these strengths—whether formal or informal—to help fix those critical areas that have been prioritised.

There should be nothing that you are not prepared to do in order to get the results that you are after.

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