How To Decorate A Long Living Room With A Fire Place? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Large living rooms or great rooms may feature more than one conversation space, depending on their size. A “U” shape or semicircle that faces the fireplace may be created by placing the sofa against the opposite wall of a long living room and angling the other sitting pieces on each side of it.

Where do you put a TV in a long narrow living room with a fireplace?

If you want to put a television in this room, you have a few different possibilities. One possibility is to install a flatscreen television over the fireplace. This may necessitate the use of a professional installer, particularly if you have a brick or stone fireplace. Another alternative is to position the television in a corner of the room, on the same side of the room that the fireplace is located.

How do you style a room with a TV and fireplace?

In order to do this, you need install your television and fireplace on perpendicular walls. Once the sofa is in place, you may arrange it opposite either the fireplace or the television, depending on your room’s design and taste – or both, if you have enough space to create two seating zones. This living room arrangement with a fireplace and a television works nicely in a space that is square.

How can I make the most of my long living room?

Put your television and fireplace on perpendicular walls to get this effect, for example. Once the sofa is in place, you may arrange it opposite either the fireplace or the television, depending on your room’s form and preferences – or both, if you have the space to create two seating zones. When you have a square room, this living room plan with a fireplace and TV works nicely.

  1. Maintain a clutter-free environment in a large living room.
  2. Select the appropriate furnishings for a narrow living room. Remove furniture from the vicinity of the walls. Adapt the furniture to a lengthy living room by scaling it down. Light up a small, confined place. Light may be reflected by using mirrors.
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What do you do with a fireplace in the middle of the room?

Place large pieces of furniture in a half-circle around a fireplace that is centered on the main wall of your living room. If your fireplace is on one of the major walls of your living room, make it the focal point of the space. Place your sectional so that everyone who sits on it can view the fireplace, for example.

Should you hang a TV over the fireplace?

It is not recommended to install a television over a fireplace due to the fact that excessive heat and electronics do not mix. Most of the time, the region above the fireplace is warmer than the rest of the wall surfaces in your home. The more the distance the fireplace mantle reaches into the room, the greater the amount of heat it will deflect from the above-wall (and TV mounted there).

Does a couch have to be centered in front of TV?

“People frequently believe that their sofa must be placed directly in front of the television in their living room,” adds Kapur. Instead, TVs perform best when they are placed slightly off-center, so that they do not become the focal point of all social interactions,” says the author.

How do you arrange furniture over a TV above a fireplace?

Take use of the layout! Instead of battling the angle of the fireplace, arrange the furniture such that it complements the angle. Allow both pieces to function as main points in the space by positioning them near to one other to take advantage of the angle created by the fireplace.

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How far away should couch be from fireplace?

Maintain a Safe Distance At least three feet between the fireplace and the furnishings is ideal. Even if you’re using a screen or glass doors to keep the embers from bursting out, the heat generated by the fire might cause harm to your furnishings.

How do you arrange a living room with a TV in the corner?

As a result, if you decide to position your television in a corner, you should sit immediately in front of it. Your eyes should be level with the middle of the screen when you’re watching a video. The importance of room lighting cannot be overstated. So, when you pick a location for your television, consider how the light coming in via the windows, lights, and chandelier will effect the picture on the screen.

Can you put a couch in front of a window?

You should sit immediately in front of your television if you opt to position it in a corner. Keep your gaze level with the center of the screen at all times. A great deal is dependent on the lighting in the space. So, when you pick a location for your television, consider how the light from windows, lights, and chandeliers will impact the picture on the screen.

Where should I put my sofa in a long living room?

The Best Way to Arrange Furniture in a Long, Narrow Room

  1. Allow for only one direction of foot movement.
  2. Place furniture in a corner arrangement with foot traffic angled across open space.
  3. Place some furniture in the room such that it is perpendicular to the length of the room. Arrange some of your furnishings at an angle. Circular coffee tables and dining tables are very effective.
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What can I do with a long thin living room?

How do you furnish a living room that is both long and thin?

  1. Place the sofa against the largest wall possible. Side tables and lights should be placed on either side of the sofa. If possible, place a tiny console table on the opposite wall of the sofa from where you want to sit. Place accent chairs around the sofa and/or sofa table to complete the look.

How can I hide my fireplace with furniture?

How to Make a Fireplace Unnoticeable

  1. Position your sofa over the fireplace and place your television over it. Cover the fireplace with a bookshelf and paint it white. Cover the opening of the fireplace with painted plywood and paint it white. Replace the background with a decorative screen or photo. Hiding the fireplace with a screen
  2. Hiding the fireplace with books
  3. Decorating the fireplace with potted plants

Can a fireplace be in the middle of a room?

By placing a double-sided fireplace in the center of a room, the fire may be used to warm both sides of the room at the same time. A double-sided fireplace may be the most adaptable design choice for the centre of a space due to its versatility. Because it is open on both sides, as the name says, this sort of fireplace allows for the flames to be seen from either side of the structure.

What do you put on either side of a fireplace?

Build-ins on both sides of your fireplace mantel should be topped with an assortment of functional and ornamental accessories to integrate your mantel into the rest of your room’s dcor. Consider books, lamps, candles, vases, woven art, and other items that draw the viewer’s attention from a long distance.

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