How To Decorate A Marble Fireplace Living Room? (Solution)

  • A few big chunks of marble are used to frame it. The combination of these items will serve as a mantle, giving the illusion that the fireplace is much larger than it actually is. Adding marble elements to your fireplace will make it stand out against other statement-making pieces in your room, such as large mirrors, elegant chandeliers, and other large-scale artwork.

What do you put on a marble fireplace?

Cleaning a marble fireplace or fireplace surround: some pointers

  1. Surface dust and debris may be removed using a soft microfibre cloth. Warm (not hot) water should be used. Lightly massage the stain with the cloth, increasing the pressure slightly if the stain is particularly tenacious. To keep the cloth clean, rinse it out on a regular basis.

Can you put a mantel on a marble fireplace?

While the installation of wooden mantels is accomplished via the use of pieces of timber that are firmly fixed to the wall, the installation of a marble mantel is accomplished through the use of construction glue. If your marble fireplace mantel comes with a heart, attach it first. If not, attach it afterwards. It should be centered on the firebox opening and installed tightly against the wall.

What do you put in a fireplace decorative?

10 Ways to Restore a Non-Working Fireplace to Its Former Glory

  1. There is no need for heat, but you should still fill it with fire-ready logs. Bring in more organic design elements
  2. for example, fake stacked logs with a DIY summer front. Incorporate tiered candles into the design. Cover it with an ornate fire screen. Display an object of personal significance in the shape of a shadow box.
  3. Fine Firebox.
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Can I paint over a marble fireplace?

A marble fireplace and its surround may be painted to match your decor. A marble fireplace enhances the aesthetic attractiveness of any room in the house, drawing people’s attention immediately. Marble is a natural stone that is both heavy and expensive to repair; thus, painting it may restore its luster while also updating the look of your area with a contemporary makeover.

What is the best thing to clean marble fireplace?

Warm water and mild dish soap should be used to clean your marble fireplace three or four times a year. Additionally, sealer should be used at least once a year to maintain your marble fireplace clean and stain-resistant. Try to clean your marble fireplace using any type of acid; this includes anything acidic like vinegar or any citric-based cleaning.

What can I do with an old marble fireplace?

What should you do if you have a fireplace that you no longer desire and want to get rid of it?

  1. Selling to the expert you contacted or another reclamation firm is a good idea. Simply search for “architectural salvage” and your location to see who is in your region. It may be sold on the internet. When looking to sell your unwanted fireplace, there are a variety of options accessible.

Is Chalk Paint fire resistant?

Flammability. Wall Paint and Chalk Paint® both consist of water-based paints that are non-flammable. They are not, on the other hand, considered to be fire retardant paint (BS 476). They are completely safe to use around fireplaces, radiators, and hearths.

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Can you use Chalk Paint on a fireplace?

Chalk Paint sticks extremely effectively on marble, stone, wood, and brick fireplaces without the need for an undercoat, according to the manufacturer. Prior to beginning to paint, make sure the fireplace is completely cool in order to avoid the paint from breaking. If you like, you may leave the paint unfinished or apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to the surface once it has dried.

How do you stick a marble fireplace to the wall?

If you have a chimney breast with enough of space to accommodate the depth of the fire, you can simply apply tile glue to the back of the panel and fasten it to the wall with screws or nails. After that, reinstall the surround on its brackets to keep the mantel in place and allow the panel to set in place.

How do you attach marble to a wall?

Install marble tiles on walls by first adhering a 1/4″ tile backer board (or whatever your building code requires) to the wall with glue and screws every 6 inches both vertically and horizontally, then installing the marble tiles.

How do you arrange candles in a fireplace?

Using glue and screws every 6 inches vertically and horizontally, mount a 1/4″ tile backer board (or whatever your building code requires) to the wall before installing the marble tiles.

What do you put on either side of a fireplace?

Install marble tiles on walls by first mounting a 1/4″ tile backer board (or whatever your building code requires) with glue and screws every 6 inches both vertically and horizontally.

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