How Much Are Painters To Paint A Standard Size Living Room? (Solution)

Cost To Paint A Room On An Average

Room Average Cost
Kitchen $150 – $250
Bedroom $350 – $850
Master Bedroom $650 – $1,400
Living Room $600 – $2,000


How much should I pay to have my living room painted?

Despite the fact that the real cost of painting a living room might vary, the typical cost of painting a living room is between $500 and $800 on average. Preparation work, the size of the room in square feet, materials such as brushes, drop cloths, and tape, the type of paint you are using, and all labor expenditures are all included in the cost of a painting project, regardless of size.

How do you quote a paint job?

While some contractors base their pricing on a rough base rate of $1.50 or $2.00 per square foot, others multiply the paint cost by 4 to 6 times, while others estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the job and add it to an estimate of materials—and still others simply offer the lowest price to outbid the competition.

How much does it cost to paint a 2500 sq ft house interior?

Painting a 2,500-square-foot house will cost between $7,500 and $10,000 on average, according to Home Advisor. You’ll need to hire professional painters and use between six and seven gallons of paint to complete the project successfully. 4

What is a fair price to pay a painter?

Some painters will compute their labor costs on an hourly basis, which is less usual. An experienced professional painter will charge $20 to $50 per hour for ordinary painting, but costs can rise to $100 or even more for speciality work, such as murals or custom paint.

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How much does it cost to paint a 3 bedroom house interior?

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a three-bedroom house? Painting a bedroom can range in price from $300 to $750, depending on the size and condition of the surface areas to be painted, on average. To rent a three-bedroom property, the total cost of bedrooms will range from $900 to $2,250.00 per month.

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