Where Is Best Place To Put Mirror In My Living Room Feng Shui? (Correct answer)

Mirrors should be positioned perpendicular to the front door. “The front entrance is really essential in feng shui,” says Laura Benko, author of The Holistic Home, in an interview with MyDomaine. Whenever you hang a mirror, she recommends connecting it to a purpose, such as increasing the number of possibilities in your life.
In terms of feng shui, where should mirrors be placed?

  • Mirrors should be placed in the dining room. Dining rooms are thought to represent the “purse,” or the center of prosperity, according to feng shui theory. As a result, it is thought that placing mirrors in certain areas will improve the positive energy in a home. A mirror should be put in the entryway of a home or business.

Where should a mirror be placed in a living room?


  1. Going says that if you have a living room with southern exposure, you should position the mirror on the wall opposite the window to take advantage of the warm afternoon light. Dining rooms are one of the most common places to use large, dramatic mirrors, especially if there is a stunning chandelier to reflect off of them.

Is it good feng shui to have a mirror in the living room?

One of the most important rules of Feng Shui mirror placement in the living room is to avoid putting a mirror directly in front of an entry door. When a mirror detects the presence of fresh energy, it captures and confines it. You should thus refrain from placing Feng Shui mirrors in this area of the living room in order to prevent receiving a great deal of negativity in your life.

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Where is the best place to put a wall mirror?

Bathroom sinks, tiny or gloomy rooms (to assist open and lighten the space), and the entrances and exits of the home (so you can check your look before you leave the house) are all practical places to install mirrors.

Where should you not put a mirror?

In your home, there are four places where you should not hang a mirror.

  1. DO NOT hang your clothes across from a pile of junk. Instead of heaps of mail, toys, or other clutter, you want your mirrors to reflect light and positive energy. DON’T hang anything exactly over or opposite your bed. DON’T leave your clothes in the kitchen. It is not recommended to hang immediately across from the front entrance.

Is it good feng shui to have a mirror facing a window?

Mirrors, particularly those placed near a window or front entrance, have the ability to draw energy into a space. A properly placed mirror may reflect the perspective of an element that can be seen via a window into a room when the mirror is carefully placed. Both the attributes of light and space are conducive to effective feng shui.

Is it okay to put mirror beside the door?

Because the classical schools believe that a mirror facing the front door reflects energy back, they often discourage the use of a mirror facing the front door in their teachings. As a result, a mirror reflecting the front door repels energy rather than allowing it to enter the house.

Should a mirror be hung horizontal or vertical?

Mirrors should always be mounted in a vertical orientation. Position your mirrors such that direct open light from lighting fixtures does not reflect in them; in other words, the lighting source reflected in the mirrors should not “blind” the person who is looking in the mirrors.

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What do you hang next to a mirror?

Translucent bottles in a variety of colors, tall candles, and silk flowers are examples of decorative things that perform particularly well in front of mirrors because they all make effective use of the reflected light from the mirror itself.

Can you put mirrors in kitchens?

Yes, you did read that correctly. In the kitchen, a mirror is a simple and effective addition. If it is strategically positioned, it has the potential to appear double the size of a space. In addition, any kitchen design ideas may add a touch of drama by determining the type of decorating.

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